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Levin aims for U.S. troop limits in Iraq: 02/25/07

NBC News and news services

Committee chairman says Democrats do not have enough votes yet

WASHINGTON - A top U.S. Senate Democrat said Sunday his party aims to limit the role of the nearly 140,000 American troops in Iraq and withdraw most of them from the war-torn country within a year.

Levin looks for answers: 02/10/07

By Gordon Trowbridge
Detroit News

Senator sends staffers to White House, Pentagon to ask questions about how Iraq war started.

WASHINGTON — Michigan’s senior U.S. senator, Democrat Carl Levin, said Friday he plans to delve more deeply into the story of how the United States went to war in Iraq, sending staffers to interview key White House and Pentagon officials about how dubious intelligence linking Saddam Hussein to the September 11 terrorist attacks became part of the justification for the 2003 invasion.

Levin: Pentagon ‘twisted’ Iraq intelligence information: 02/09/07

By Gordon Trowbridge
Detroit News

WASHINGTON — An investigation by the Pentagon’s internal watchdog of the run-up to the Iraq war shows top Defense Department officials manipulated intelligence on Iraq’s relationship with al-Qaida, Sen. Carl Levin said today. (more…)

Rise to global warming challenge: 02/06/07

By U.S. Sen. Carl Levin
Detroit Free Press

There is a consensus among scientists — and a growing consensus among political leaders — that global warming is occurring, that we are causing it, and that we need to act now for the sake of future generations. It is critical that we take steps equal to the environmental challenge at hand and that do not needlessly hurt the economy. (more…)

Levin Statement on President’s FY2008 Budget Request: 02/05/07


Levin, Others Have Big Investigative Agendas: 02/05/07

By Jonathan Allen
CQ Today

The sight of Sen. Carl Levin behind a committee dais might not scare government and corporate witnesses, but it should.

The Michigan Democrat lacks the witness-bashing bombast of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., or the central-casting courtliness of Sen. John W. Warner, R-Va. But few lawmakers use their question time as judiciously or as effectively as Levin, whose tenacious yet civil interrogating routinely elicits closely guarded information from even the most hostile witnesses. (more…)

Levin Helps Boost Iraq Resolution’s Chances: 02/01/07

All Things Considered
National Public Radio

Robert Siegel talks with Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), who has agreed to sign on to a bill along with Sen. John Warner (R-VA) expressing disapproval of President Bush’s “surge strategy” in Iraq. But some Democrats say the bill could inhibit more critical legislation that could come later. (more…)

Levin, Warner join forces to oppose Bush troop buildup plan: 01/31/07

By Anne Flaherty
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Two senators leading separate efforts to put Congress on record against President Bush’s troop buildup in Iraq joined forces today, agreeing on a nonbinding resolution that would criticize the plan.

Sens. John Warner, R-Va., and Carl Levin, D-Mich., had been sponsoring competing measures opposing Bush’s strategy of sending 21,500 more U.S. troops to the war zone, with Warner’s less harshly worded version attracting more Republican interest. The new resolution would vow to protect funding for troops while keeping Warner’s original language expressing the Senate’s opposition to the troop buildup. (more…)

Levin eyes import ban on countries that violate emission standards: 01/30/07

Gordon Trowbridge
Detroit News

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Carl Levin proposed Tuesday that any future treaty on global climate change allow the United States to ban goods from countries that violate standards on carbon emissions.

Levin Statement on the State of the Union Address: 01/23/07


Carl Levin takes measured approach on Iraq: 01/22/07

By Chris Christoff
Detroit Free Press

WASHINGTON — Others in Congress might criticize President George W. Bush’s handling of the Iraq war with more flash than Sen. Carl Levin.

Some are running for president. The Michigan Democrat has never hinted he wants the job.

Levin: Cap on troops is needed: 01/21/07

By Kristofer Karol
Livingston Daily Press & Argus

Michigan’s senior senator told a crowd of Livingston County Democrats on Saturday that the end of the Iraq conflict will need to come from placing a cap on troops or specifying a four- to six-month timetable for withdrawal.

Carl Levin Gives Local Speech on War in Iraq: 01/21/07

By Joshua Landon
WLNS 6 News

The debate over sending more U.S. troops to Iraq heats up in Michigan. Senator Carl Levin spoke at a democratic party fundraiser in Livingston County, and the senator spent much of his time…talking about the war in Iraq.

Senator Carl Levin received an immense applause before giving his speech in Livingston County. This is senator Levin’s first time speaking in Michigan since President Bush announced his plans of sending an additional 20,000 plus troops to Iraq, and he’s making his positron on the topic loud and clear.

Levin, Republicans seek halt to Iraq troop buildup: 01/17/07

By Gordon Trowbridge
Detroit News

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., enlisted Republican support Wednesday in his effort to stop President Bush’s proposed troop increase in Iraq, joining with Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel and Democrat Joseph Biden in proposing a nonbinding resolution that would register Congress’ disapproval of the plan.

Levin Statement on President’s Proposal to Increase Troops in Iraq: 01/10/07


Levin ‘concerned’ over possible Iraq troop expansion: 12/30/06

By Gordon Trowbridge
Detroit News

U.S. Sen. Carl Levin said Thursday he is “very concerned” that President Bush is considering plans to add U.S. troops to Iraq, a move seen as the likely centerpiece of a new war strategy the president is expected to outline in the coming weeks. (more…)

Levin focuses ahead on Iraq: 12/30/06

By Gordon Trowbridge
Detroit News Washington Bureau

Hearings will be his first chance to use Dems’ control of Congress to help shape Iraq policy. 

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Carl Levin’s first hearings as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee will question administration officials and outside experts about possible new strategies in Iraq — and not about possible mistakes in conduct of the war. (more…)

Levin Statement on the Passing of President Gerald R. Ford: 12/27/06

WASHINGTON — Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., made this statement following the death of President Gerald R. Ford: (more…)

Trying to protect the Great Lakes: 12/18/06

By Carl Levin
Daily Press

WASHINGTON — As those of us who live in Michigan know, the Great Lakes are awe inspiring. They are also an indispensable natural, economic and recreational resource for Michigan and many other states. The largest fresh water system in the world with roughly 18 percent of the world’s fresh water, the Great Lakes provide drinking water for more than 30 million people. (more…)

Levin to seek another Senate term in ‘08: 12/04/06

By Ken Thomas Associated Press

Democratic Sen. Carl Levin, the incoming chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said Monday he will seek re-election in 2008. (more…)

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